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October 30, 2022

Good Morning,

To truly Love GOD, is to Love All Things. For GOD is All Things. To claim,”I Love GOD” and not Love your neighbor is a partial truth…a lie. You deny GOD and deceive yourself. In your false accusation, you limit your potential to a lower point of view. You embrace a lower resonance. To segregate your neighbor is to separate from GOD.

Your thought is vibration, your word is vibration and your deed is vibration…this is your song and your song echos. GOD is All Things. Your belief is your level of understanding, your intention of Truth, the choice within the moment.

Your witness, your experience, your understanding, your claim…All things are known, for GOD is All Things. Your denial, is the reflection of the echo in the looking glass you choose to view.

The Truth is GOD, your Truth is GOD, you deny yourself the realization to understand and place yourself into a cage of human thinking. You are human in “BEing”, not in Truth. To BE or not to Be, that is your choice. To know or to think, that is your choice. To Love or to fear, that is your choice.

GOD’s song is Peace, Love and Joy…it is unlimited in potential.

You narrow your scope to learn. For in Truth, you see All Colors. For in Truth, you sing the Oneness of All Songs. For in Truth, your scope becomes the single moment of perfect expression without limits. Your belief in your imperfection, transforms into your Knowing of your perfection.

You can only believe what you deny. For what is Known is what shall Always BE…I AM, You Are, GOD Is. To Love GOD is to Love All Things. All Things have the Divine Right to BE. This is a gospel of the Word.

To deny is to fear. Fear is a lower vibration. The lower the vibration, the smaller the view. This is the cage you place upon yourself. The tiny purview of fear. Fear wants you to worry about the future, wants you to fret about the past. This strays you from the moment…the moment to BE in the understanding of All Things, the moment to understand the Truth within yourself. Your echos of scarcity, jealously, hatred, separation, greed, condescension, worry, judgement, doubt, anger…these are the tools of fear to bind you to the lie you live, the cage you build, the hurdles you climb, the pain you suffer, the looking glass you view. It is yours and yours alone. You wish to share your claim, to suffer together…claim it as truth. Many may embrace, however some will decline.

You have a choice, every moment can be “your moment”. The lies of the human experience are for you to embrace or release. A collective conscious baseline that vibrates in fear. GOD is All Things, therefore, GOD is fear. However, where you choose to reside, is your choice. GOD is also Peace, GOD is Joy and GOD is Love. It has always been your choice, your denial, your song. Yes, your Song…go ahead blame the world, its not your fault, you would never do this to yourself…are you sure? Do you think or do you know? Is there doubt along your slippery path or are you confident and sure footed? It is your choice. Let go of the world and find your song. It is inside of you, pleading to BE you…

You will realize the Truth and understand the perfect moment when: You hear your Song, Embrace the Moment and Known the Truth in All Things.

The Claim:

I Am Me in BEing

I Am Here in the Moment

I Am Known in Truth to All Things

You must find the path to walk the path. You must walk the path to find your Truth. Your Truth is unique upon itself. No one can BE you. So, go experience and witness your right to BE.

In the moment of Truth, you will find GOD within All Things and Know GOD within yourself.



Dominic Crain

Mr. Crain believes that no two spiritual journeys are the same, they are as unique as you are. Each moment a special gift and a new discovery.