Dominic Crain
5 min readJun 30, 2022

Jun 26, 2022

Good Morning,

The Way of the Word is an understanding of Truth. The Word is the manifesting song of GOD. The Word is the embodiment of GOD. That means, All Things are the embodiment of GOD. To claim, “I Am Word”, is to claim the Truth. To deny the claim, is to deny GOD and to deny Truth. To deny Truth is to claim separation. Separation is a lie, because nothing can exist without GOD, GOD is. Denial is your choice and a partial Truth of bondage. Your Divine Right is to Be. To Be has unlimited potential and understanding, to Be is to know who you are, to know what you are and to express yourself within that understanding. To think is to be in human, to know is to Be in GOD. Nothing is Known without GOD, GOD IS.

A Simple Understanding:

  1. What you claim, comes to you. If you perform this consciously, then it must be done without question. It means you perform it in Truth.
  2. What you deny, calls you towards denial. What you cast into darkness, calls you to darkness.
  3. The Law of Balance is applied to everyone, some refer to it as Karma. Cast out your neighbor and you have shackled yourself. Raise your neighbor and you shall rise.
  4. The Word creates and connects All Things. You are part of All Things. Ignorance does not give you a “get out of jail free card”. Every thought, every word and every deed comes with a ripple. Some ripples forge chains and some ripples release them. Understanding lifts them, while ignorance carries them. Your understanding is the purview of the perception you hold and the ceiling of limit you claim. Ironically, it is always your choice.
  5. Nothing can happen to you without your consent. This agreement can happen on multiple levels of your Divinity (levels of vibration). Nonetheless, if it is happening, you said, “Yes”. The form you are in (the shell), is a thought, an idea that is manifested into creation. The Divine Self is Being, the eternal expression of Now…not and idea, but the Truth of what you are, the Truth of who you are…A Divine Expression of GOD.
  6. To Discover, To Be and To Express is your Mandate of Service. To discover who you really are. To Be, what you have discovered and To Express, that Being in All its glory.
  7. Want is about thinking, Truth is about knowing. Expectation is a chasm between desire and Truth. Why want, when you already have All That Is…do you truly know who you are? Make your claim, I AM WORD, I AM Unlimited Creative Potential.
  8. All Things resonate, All Things witness, All Things have a level of understanding. All Things are GOD. To see GOD in All Things is to Understand the Truth. You resonate. Your level of understanding is the purview of the resonance that you hold. Love, peace, joy, anger, envy, fear, hate…all vibrations. Vibrations can be lifted in song, people can be lifted in song, things can be lifted in song. If you are Love, you vibrate Love and the song you sing is Love. Love is a higher vibration and fear cannot exist in the field of Love, it must leave or be lifted. If you lift, you are lifted. If you share, you are sung. This is the Way. Inversely, if you claim fear, you live in fear. What you claim, claims you. Love the idea is a state of manifestation, it is temporary. Love the vibration, is a state of Being and is eternal. So, ideas can bind you and limit you from Being who and what you truly are. This is how you are controlled, by the agreement of an idea. Your belief in a lie to be true. No one knows you, better than you. If a persons claims you and you accept the claim, that is your Divine Right of Acceptance. For example, a group calls you a loser and you accept the claim as truth, then what are you…a loser? The Truth is, we are ALL Equal in Divine Nature and manifest the perfect form to learn in every moment of understanding. The tools you have been given are the perfect tools. GOD grants All Things. What you need comes to you. Anything less is just an idea you maintain. The challenge is to let go of the old to discover the new. Ideas are about thinking and to think is to Be in human (limited). To know is to Be in GOD (Unlimited Potential). GOD does not deny you, you deny GOD. Hear the words of the ignorant liars, who call their flocks into the chains of fear. Fear binds the unknowing. You have come here to learn, you can choose to learn through fear, pain and suffering or you can choose to learn through love, peace and joy. There is always a higher way to learn, an enlightened path to follow. Ask yourself, do I listen to the world and follow the old ways, the ideas of limitation or do I let go of the old and discover the new. GOD is All Things, therefore GOD is fear, GOD is pain, GOD is wanting Yet, GOD is Love, GOD is peace and GOD is Joy. What do you claim? Remember, GOD DOES NOT DENY YOU, YOU DENY GOD.
  9. In your search for the presence of GOD, the mark you miss is understanding, you are the presence of GOD. You are a layered sentient vibration with a unique expressive signature. You are not a word, but a song. You are not a note, but an infinite chord of unlimited harmony. The world you perceive is just a limited spectrum of the infinite sea you reside. You are eternal, you cannot be created nor destroyed. The manifested form you reside in at this moment is just an idea that you have chosen to learn through. The form is only an extension of you and is limited only in understanding and its level of vibration. The veil you have placed upon your awareness, shields you from the Truth. You can call out past the spectrum of the physical and claim your vibrations in a higher way. This is the Way of the Word, this is the path of the awakening. Know and Be Known, Love and Be Love, See the Truth and express yourself in your Being. Be in the Moment, Be in Truth and Be.

Your claim, if you so choose:










In your claim, Be your claim and let go. To claim, you must believe your claim without question. Doubt is an open door to fear. Fear cannot reside in Love, so if you are Love (Vibration), there cannot be fear. The chords you hold is the song that you sing and the definition that you claim. Share the Beauty within and Allow it to Bloom without.

GOD is Acceptance, GOD is Forgiveness and GOD is Love…GOD is Here, GOD is Now and GOD will NEVER leave you. GOD is WORD. GOD Sings to You, Awaken and Sing to the Glory of GOD.



Dominic Crain

Mr. Crain believes that no two spiritual journeys are the same, they are as unique as you are. Each moment a special gift and a new discovery.