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Oct 9, 2022

Good Morning,

A Definition of Prayer: how a believer performs a spiritual communion with God or an object of worship, as in supplication, thanksgiving, adoration, or confession.

Prayer has three main mechanisms:

  1. Belief without question (no doubt)
  2. Understanding of the moment
  3. Agreement with yourself and your landscape you perceive.

You are a being of sound, a chord of a single signature that you claim as you. Your chord must be in accord for a claim of prayer to work. This means you must have an understanding of who you are in Truth. The Truth is, you are many sentient notes of the same chord in harmony with the One Note of All Things (GOD). To find your Truth, you must find yourself. Communion is the inner road of Truth. You go within yourself to find yourself (inner peace). How you achieve inner peace is unique unto you. A mile marker along the path is the experience of peace within the moment. This is an experience of neutrality, greater awareness and love to All Things. A moment of profound silence…internal calmness. This will lead you to understanding the moment.

Individuals find their True-selves in many ways: meditation, song, yoga, prayer, walking, playing an instrument, watching a sunrise…etc.

Prayer is about communion with yourself. Praying to GOD is not the path you seek. GOD is All Things, you are in the presence of GOD in every moment you witness. Understanding the moment, to realize GOD within the moment is essential. You have all you need within the moment you witness, right in front of you. You are blind to the obvious through lack of understanding or denial. When someone separates GOD, they separate self. Harmony is about BEing whole. Separation is a half Truth or half lie. The more you pursue “you” and leave the outside influencers outside of your perception, the greater your understanding and your experience changes. This is the knowing of the now, the understanding of the moment. To rise above the known and pierce the veil of the unknown. The question of doubt fades with the knowledge of self. This is the path of GOD. Harmony, to be in accord with your chord, that is “you”. All the notes, that are you, align in agreement and resonant in perfect pitch. At the moment of harmony, your purview changes from thinking of peace to Being of peace. This is the Knowing of GOD. To Know, is to BE in GOD. So prayer, can bring you closer to self and the realization of the Truth within the landscape you witness. The realization, brings greater understanding of the known and unknown.

As you rise in knowing, you rise in purview. You have a greater viewpoint of the same landscape. So the landscape doesn’t change, your perception of the landscape does. You see it anew. You witness the Divinity in others, you understand the Oneness of self in others and their right to BE. Their expression, their experience, their discovery, their understanding within the landscape they witness. They are in the perfect moment and it is their right to BE…even if you perceive the moment as good, bad or indifferent. If you claim in discernment something different then their BEing, you have lost your understanding of their Diviness. A claim to know more than GOD. That’s impossible, for GOD is the Witness of ALL Things. GOD is ALL moments of the Infinite Moment. To BE, is the Divine Gift of GOD. The lack of understanding the moment, does not justify the claim nor the judgement. This is the shallow arrogance of your ego and a belief in the lies whispered. A myopic view of a wider picture.

If your perception is limited to form, you are only consciously aware of one note of your chord. This limits you to the purview of that vibration, that level of understanding. This is the veil of the human experience, one part of the whole. It cannot perceive the greater view, the greater Truth and can only function within the known or what is collectively claimed to be known. You cannot be more than what you believe, even if what you believe is only partial in Truth.

Nothing can be done unto you, unless, you have conceded and are into accord with that experience and/or witness within the moment. You say in form, “ I would never agree to this”. That statement is the misunderstanding of self. For in field, your claim may be sung as, “yes, I wish this moment to manifest for my understanding, for my knowledge”. This is why it is so important to know yourself. Not just one note, but the whole chord. That which is sung, that which is claimed, that which is in accord is placed in motion and stays motion until it is experienced and/or witnessed. You are the witness of the now (yourself), as GOD is the Witness of All Things (all moments). GOD is the Truth of All Things. You are the Truth of yourself. What you believe without doubt (consciously or unconsciously), you receive…you sing. For as you sing your song unto to the world, the world will sing unto you. The question is, do you know what you are singing? Do you know your chord and is it in harmony with itself? You must discover the notes, to understand the chord. Your song, is your prayer. You need to pause in the moment and hear yourself play. Playing is so important to understanding. You can loose yourself within the noise of the collective consciousness. Within your field you can shut off the noise and resonate in peace. Listen to these words without ears, you do not need ears to hear yourself and you definitely do not need ears to hear GOD. GOD speaks with the Word without sound. GOD is Peace, GOD is Love, GOD is Joy.

A claim to Sing upon the world:

I claim Peace, I claim Love, I claim Joy

I Am Peace, I Am Love, I Am Joy

I sing Peace, I sing Love, I sing Joy

And in choral response, if you believe without doubt, the world will sing:

You know Peace, You know Love, You know Joy

You have Peace, You have Love, You have Joy

You are Peace, You are Love, You are Joy

Sing unto the World and the World will sing unto you. Know your song and you will know yourself. Sing your song in Truth and GOD will sing unto you.

Your song is your claim along your journey, its power come from within. What you choose to sing is your choice. Love begets Love, fear begets fear, hate begets hate, peace begets peace… When you know your Truth, you will know yourself and know your claim.

So…find your moment, let go of the world. Find yourself and know the moment. To know the moment is to know yourself. Hear the Song and sing your song. Know yourself in Truth and BE yourself in Truth. The Truth is the Truth, even if those around you do not perceive it, understand it or deny it. This is the Known of the Unknown, a moment of understanding within yourself.

This is the power of prayer…One Moment, One Song, One Truth



Dominic Crain

Mr. Crain believes that no two spiritual journeys are the same, they are as unique as you are. Each moment a special gift and a new discovery.