Dominic Crain
3 min readOct 6, 2022

Oct 5, 2022

Good Morning,

GOD is inclusive to All Things known and unknown. Nothing is without GOD. The Word is the Source sound of All sounds, since the beginning. All Things are in vibratory motion, the Universal Song of GOD. You exist to sing, yet deny the Song…why? Why deny what is freely given? Why the pain, the suffering, the grief, the guilt, the anger, the fear, the loneliness…?

You deny yourself to seek yourself. For in all your power, for in all your knowledge, you cannot grasp the understanding of what it is to be you…You are ALL Things, You are ALL Moments, So you created an Expression of unique discovery so you could unlock the knowledge that eludes you…I AM.

You know who you truly are and yet you miss the discovery. Yes, you have created this path. Yes, it is your choice. Yes, you know the ending that you deny to yourself, because as soon as you rise above the veil, the journey ends. Enjoy your moment, enjoy your discovery, enjoy your journey, you created it, just for you.

The claim,”I AM”…is Your Divine Right to BE. Your discovery, your choice, the potential to know the unknown. What is it like to Be you? The Word in manifestation,“I AM”. Tell me who you are, show me who you are, claim yourself, “I Am” and You will always BE.…Your Belief, Your Choice, Your Purview, Your Moment, without limits.

To know, is to BE in GOD, to think, is to Be in human. Sing your Song of Joy and Connect to All who sing the Truth. The World is Beautiful, just take the moment to hear the song and know yourself. Ignorance is shown, when you clearly know the answer is within you and you still cling to the ideology: god the mythical separatist that controls my life with puppet strings, judging those witnessed, rewarding the righteous and battling the evil in all…I am born in sin and have fallen from grace, will I ever find god’s love again? Obviously, a human lie based on control through fear and naivety.

GOD, the “I AM”, chooses its lesson, discovers itself and understands the lie that humans seed and embrace. GOD is what GOD wishes to unfold. It is your choice to BE and your choice to BE in GOD. GOD embraces All things, because, All Things are within GOD. Understanding takes you beyond the known and raises you beyond your limited thinking in fear. Limitation is a matter of choice and perception, not BEing. To BE, is to see thee in me. This is the Grace of Divine sight. To see, Divine Expression in All Things, including yourself.

You can only find yourself, when you embrace the moment. Understanding comes from internal discovery without external influence. You behold the nuances that you sing…some see Truth, others deny Truth and see illusion. It is a matter of perception and the willingness to rise above or stay below…the Truth is always and has always been in front of you. It is your choice to deny it. Your paradox, is yours to untangle.

At the moment of peace, you hear the song of Truth and know “I AM”.

You are unto yourself as GOD expresses through you, to BE you. Yet, within the unlimited potential is the limited thinker who denies the eternal moment, to claim the lie that shadows the Truth.

A New Claim:

I AM WORD (The Song of Creative Manifestation)

I AM NOW (The Understanding of the Moment)

I AM ME (Divine Expression of BEing)

I AM (The Statement of Truth)

Find the Word within yourself, Know the Word within yourself and Be the Word without yourself. You are the perfect chord within the song of Truth.



Dominic Crain

Mr. Crain believes that no two spiritual journeys are the same, they are as unique as you are. Each moment a special gift and a new discovery.