Aug 19, 2020

Good Morning,

Everyone is born with a gift, a natural talent and passion. However, most people never realize the full potential of the gift. They are influenced by the mediocrity of human thinking and the definition of the homogenized world (cookie cutter syndrome). They believe they need approval to be and stray away from who they are meant to be, trying to be what they are not. This is a movement of unfulfilling self and leads to emptiness.

The question is, would you rather be in conflict with yourself and in peace with the world or at peace with yourself and in conflict with the world. Peace is not world acknowledgement or world acceptance. Peace is self acknowledgement and self acceptance. Your gift is not about your measurement of yourself to the world - that is grossly incorrect. Your gift is about your measurement of yourself to yourself. To have a measurement of singular thinking rather than mundane global thinking. The “I AM”, that resides within you. Your gift is designed to be recognized and shared. It is absolutely unique to you. This is the truth of your own belief. The belief without question and the communion within yourself. This is the witness and embrace of who you are, the true purpose of why you are here. This is your moment to become and express you. Only you and the Divine spark inside can define that (no one else). This may be extremely difficult at times, however, it needs to be a path that you decide to choose. When you hear the world say, “you can’t or you must” yet, you realize and say, “I can and I will”, then you are on your path. Divine peace, opens doors of wisdom and truth forges paths of greatness. Be true to yourself and you will see the beauty in the world and feel the Divine footsteps that walk along your path.

Remember, we are already connected by Divine threads, a unity beyond our mundane thinking. Our gift is to express ourselves in our uniqueness and freely share that unique expression to the world. A gift that benefits us all. Greatness is to have the courage to discover, accept and be you. It is what you believe - The choice is yours.



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Dominic Crain

Dominic Crain

Mr. Crain believes that no two spiritual journeys are the same, they are as unique as you are. Each moment a special gift and a new discovery.