March 6, 2022

Good Morning,

The statement, I am a witness of Truth and in Truth I see ALL things, is as powerful as I am the Way. Both statements acknowledge the Divine Self and the perception of Divine Self. In Truth, is to see beyond the invested lies of the self, the shackled chains of EGO. Your level of perception (understanding and knowing) can only be realized and maintained by the vibration that you hold. A mundane example, would be two people shown an apple and being told that, “this is an apple and the apple is red”. There is no way to prove that they see the same color red or if they see red at all. However, both individuals will categorized in their own perception that, “this is an apple and it is red”. So all your life, you see the apple as being red, because that is what you have been told and that has been the perception that has been reinforce to this very moment. The perception you hold as true. This is a group collective creation and it was made by someone once upon a time. Even your perception of time is a collective agreement to operate in time. If GOD is ALL Things, GOD can be time, but it can also be no time, because time does not exist in the eternal now. “I know who I am in Truth”, is an eternal claim. The Truth of the Witness, “I am a witness of Truth and in Truth I see ALL Things”, is a claim that every aspect of your life will be re-known by the True Self”, the “I AM” in you, the Divine Self. In the moment of understanding Truth, at that point, each day you are going to realize that you are not what you think, and you are not what you thought and the lies that you invested into all these years, taught by family, by scholars, by science, by fear is a claim that you invested into your perception and your belief as truth. When you do this, you separate the “I AM” in you. You have limited yourself by embracing the mundane over GOD…either aware or unaware, it has always been your choice. The Witness knows who they are and knows others as well. These are individuals who claim Truth in the face of lies for others. Once you realize that “We” are eternal beings having experience in form, you will understand what it means to see GOD in each individual you pass, because that is what you see. You see the Divine in form because you know what you are and you know what they are as well. That individual is an expression of GOD and your witness in Truth will raise the field of vibration they hold and remember what they truly are. You are an expression of GOD. This is not a fabrication, this is Truth. It is what the Christ teachings have always been, the realization of the Divine, your True Self. This is done by you, as you understand what you are. “I am the way”, simply translates, GOD’s path. When you can make this statement in Truth and in Knowing, then you have found your way home. This is the path of the Kingdom and the Kingdom is Here in the Now.

As you rise towards the Truth, Ego and collective agreements will be hurdles you may find along the way. It could be a close friend who holds a vibration that cannot perceive the apple the way you do. You are as you are, as you can only be, in the field of vibration you hold yourself in. Remember, the Truth shines brightly without explanation. The Truth does not seek to explain itself, just as GOD does not need to, because IT is. In fact, everything you see before you, in all of ITS Glory is GOD. GOD meets GOD in all that GOD witnesses, because GOD cannot be separate from its Self and you are an Expression of GOD. So make your claim to the Truth, I AM HERE!

Many Blessings to Paul Selig and his channeled Text, that raise my vibration I hold, so I could begin to understand who I AM.




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Dominic Crain

Dominic Crain


Mr. Crain believes that no two spiritual journeys are the same, they are as unique as you are. Each moment a special gift and a new discovery.