Mar 11, 2022

Good Morning,

All human beings are worthy. It is their Divine right to walk in the Truth. Your level of understanding and how you perceive the Truth is based upon the vibration you hold. This is the purview you have agreed upon. This is your choice. There are many roads to the Truth and each one is correct and unique. Personal experience is the teacher of Truth, not history, not religion, not science…these are little thoughts, limited to the smaller self, constructs of human consciousness. However, “Being”, just being who you truly are in Truth is the unlimited realization of the Divine Self. The True Self, the Divine Self is GOD in consciousness. The awareness of supreme Truth, unlimited in knowing and creation, at that moment of awareness you realize ALL Things are GOD. GOD meets GOD in all GOD sees, because GOD is not separate from its creations and you are an expression of GOD. At the center of Awareness, you are ALL THAT IS. I know myself in Truth and claim myself in Truth… I AM Here, I AM Here, I AM Here.

You must Recover, Remember, and Re-know the Divine Self, the True Self. The Divine Self knows and realizes, the small self thinks and expects. The small self, the Ego, the one bound in lies will always be limited to the constructs of the human collective. The Kingdom comes when you release the lies and embrace the Truth. You become a beacon of Light and a shepherd of Love. The Being that you are in Love teachers others by being as you, what they can be and what they Truly Are. This was always the teachings of the Christ and will always be. All things witness in Truth will rise in vibration. Lift those around you without consequence or expectation and everyone will rise together. Have no want or need, for all is given in Truth and Love.

Remember, there is no separation from GOD except the lie that you hold before you.

To be in the Eternal Now is to be without fear, to be without fear is to be in Truth.

Know yourself in Truth and you will witness GOD in All Things, witness GOD in All Things and you will understand the freedom of All That Is.

Be the Light that heals the World



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Dominic Crain

Dominic Crain


Mr. Crain believes that no two spiritual journeys are the same, they are as unique as you are. Each moment a special gift and a new discovery.