Dominic Crain
3 min readJul 10, 2022

July 10, 2022

Good Morning,

I dissent from the collective consciousness, I release the nomenclature, the ideas, the agreements and history that bind me to the lie that I am separate from ALL things. Separation is the denial of GOD…GOD is ALL things. I am Truth in my understanding of the Source of ALL things…to know the Truth is to understand freedom, to step away from denial, from separation, from fear and the lies I manifest within each moment I witness. Today, I am known and I make this claim of Truth, I am one with ALL things. ALL things that I witness, realize and manifest are from one Source. GOD’s gift is expression of Being, to Be is to know the different expressions of the Infinite that has come as what, as manifest, as the landscape I see within my purview. My form as of GOD, my eyes as of GOD, my lips and tongue as of GOD, my hands as of GOD, all in expression, in vibration. I have witnessed the Truth and know what I Am. The air in my lungs moves past the body, the rays of sunlight move beyond the landscape that I witness, whatever may exist beyond my current purview, that which is seen and unseen, that which is known and unknown is GOD. Because everything is of GOD, all things may be re-known and from this claim, from this new agreement, I say, “YES”. I am willing to know ALL Things as of GOD.

In ALL things is Divine Expression, the manifest articulated ideas of the Source. I will release the old to embrace the new and view my landscape in a higher way. I will allow the Divine in me to know me, I will allow my form to know me beyond the history that I have embraced, the collective nomenclature I chose to describe myself within the landscape. I will see the Truth…GOD as body, GOD as air, GOD as my neighbor, GOD as vibration, GOD as all that can be known. I will call out to the Truth within my Divine self and view the Truth in understanding in the landscape that is before and beyond me. I make this claim of all I Am, I give permission to unity, to the awareness of what is already true, and I dissent the claim of separation. I am known, I am known, I am known.

To understand and witness my claim is enlightenment. To believe it without question is the quest. You are a multi-layered, multi-dimensional Being learning to Be, to express yourself as Truth. You have many agreements on many levels and to navigate or circumvent those currents can take time and/or times. You witness your landscape through the purview you hold and the agreements you claim. I claim Love, I claim Peace and I claim Joy. I share Love, I share Peace, I share Joy. This is my Being, this is my discovery…to learn to Be in the moment, to see the Truth in ALL things and to understand how to raise my purview to Serve ALL things. My choice, my discovery and my expression to Be me in this moment I witness.

For those that hear these words, I make this claim to you: I know who you are in Truth, I know what you are in Truth and I know how you serve in Truth, you are free, you are free, you are free.

Remember: We are equal in Divinity, yet unique in expression. All expressions are perfect moments of Being. Your only limitation is the misunderstanding and denial of the Truth…You Are, I Am and GOD Is.



Dominic Crain

Mr. Crain believes that no two spiritual journeys are the same, they are as unique as you are. Each moment a special gift and a new discovery.