Dominic Crain
8 min readFeb 12, 2023

February 12, 2023

Good Morning,

The balance of BEing is the true communion of self and of GOD. In GOD, with GOD and through GOD, All Things are possible, known and unknown. The moment you are in, is your moment. It is as unique as you are. Every nuance that is perceived as you is perfect. Part of your discovery is to understand your perfection. Do not let the voice of the world, define who you are…you are unlimited potential, only capped by the belief of your Truth.

GOD is the Presence of the Known and Unknown. GOD is the Witness of All Things, Known and Unknown. GOD does not create nor destroy, rather, GOD transforms in Divine Expression. You are part of that Expression. In communion, you expand your awareness and push your understanding beyond the human claim, beyond the lower vibrations of form and field (flesh and spirit) and perceive the Truth…there are no hurdles, no accidents, no problems, just perfect moments of experience and discovery to witness in your way. This is your Truth.

Just because you do not understand the moment you witness, the moment you experience…does not dismiss its expression of perfection…its Divine Right of BEing. It is a subtle reminder of your communion within your moment and your claim unto yourself.

A claim:

Today, I will release the nuances of the mind that are driven through the vibration of fear and reinforced by the claims of the human collective. Today, I will be still and discover my BEing. I Am an Expression of the Word, a BEing of discovery, of witness and a Divine Gift of GOD. I will BE in Truth with myself and with GOD.

A claim is a thread of conscious and/or unconscious resonance that is woven into your song of discovery, your perception of Truth. The greater your understanding, the more focused the intention, the higher the vibration of transformation is perceived. This is how your song is sung and the octave of your threads are changed. When you make a claim, don’t expect the claim to happen in a day, a week, a year, rather, expect the claim to happen within the understanding of the moment, within the true intention of the claim. Remember, an intention without doubt, without fear, can transform your landscape and make the impossible, possible.

The Beginning of the Balanced BEing

Everything up to this point, has been conjecture. It is not your Truth, it is my Truth, my understanding and my claim. Your landscape is perceived through your perceptive lens, not mine. Everyone is unique in expression and cannot see what anyone else sees. We are similar, not homogeneous. Even identical twins are not identical in expression. Expression is the Divine Gift of GOD and acceptance of choice is the Act of BEing.

An example, your Aunt projects a claim upon you; “You will not be respected or taken seriously with long hair.”, you have a choice…you can accept her claim and deny your Expression, your Truth or accept her, in her understanding of her landscape, allow her BEing to BE and refuse the claim of judgement. Accepting her expression of BEing is her Divine Right, refusing her projected claim upon you is your Divine Right. She is not you and you are not her. Only you and GOD, know your Truth.

Your landscape does not define you, the world does not define you, material items do not define you…unless you accept the definition. You are exactly what you believe within the moment you witness. GOD is Unlimited Potential, the Ultimate Expression and Presence of All Things. Why would an infinite BEing define itself in a finite way? Unfortunately, many choose so, do to limits of understanding and denial through belief.

Balance is accepting you, loving you, expressing you, understanding you and resonating you into your unique Truth. Then, within the joy of your song, you find the Greater Truth of All Things. You cannot find GOD until you find yourself. This is the path of discovery, to go within and hear your song, sing your song and express your song. To deny yourself is to deny the Gift of GOD. Anyone who tells you different is lacking in understanding of the TRUTH. You Are Not, what others claim, You Are Not, what the world decrees, You Are Not, the baggage you carry…YOU ARE A DIVINE UNIQUE EXPRESSION OF ALL THAT IS. A SONG OF THE MOST HIGH…NO ONE CAN BE YOU. When you go in, you can change without. You are a song of transformation. Let go of the denial and free yourself.

You Must Accept to BE Free

Understanding and Belief are the lenses that view your landscape. Acceptance of yourself, your moments, and those around you is a key to forward movement. No one is in the same place, no one sees through the same lens. So no one has the right to judge. In judgement, you show your lack of understanding of the Truth. When you accept others, you accept yourself. When you help others, you help yourself and when you love others, you love yourself. Do not try to change, what you do not understand. Because, through understanding you will witness perfection.

The Trinity of Truth

In GOD, With GOD and Through GOD

In the moment you witness, understand it’s perfection and what must be experience. You are always in the perfect moment, because you are in GOD. To be “In GOD” is the awareness, knowing and understanding that GOD Is All Things and you are part of All Things. Nothing is ever against you, it is always for you. To invoke change, you must change yourself, the perception of your landscape. The lens you use to view your world. Nothing can be done unto you without your agreement, without your consent, consciously or unconsciously. This is your Divine Right to BE. Your understanding of the moment reflects how you perceive it…it’s your choice to accept or deny the Truth. Freedom, Expression, “In form” or “In field” has always and will always be about your level of understanding and the choice you make. This is important regarding change of the outside self. If you change the outside self through the inside self, the process is unlimited, eternal and subject to your claim. If you change the outside self through an outside means, it is limited and subject to the rules of the outside world. The world capitalizes on your willingness and acceptance to collaborate in an outside way. IN GOD, is the highest way to address your outer-self, your landscape and your understanding of you. Acknowledge the quintessential Truth of who you are. Look inside and hear the words that reflect your Truth. GOD is impartial, GOD is Love and GOD is infinity within GOD’s BEING. You are an Expression of the Word, a projection of Infinity. How you choose to express your moment is up to you and you alone. No one can take that from you, you can only give it freely. How it is given, if you so choose, is up to you…through material love, through fear, through pain and suffering, through friendship and even transition. It will always be your choice. To blame someone else is to demonstrate your lack of understanding of who you are…a denial of your True Self. You can suppress or deny yourself, however, you will discover that you are only half full. An expression of a moment in partial Truth, shall not last and will always pass. You are always the possibility of the moment. Your understanding of “You”, is how the song is sung and the world is perceived.

Remember, you can only BE, what you claim unto yourself.

You need no one or no group to define you. You are a Unique Expression unto yourself. Never allow someone or some group impose the claim, “you need them” or coerce you through claims of fear. You are everything you need.

When you follow someone, something else or their ideology, you accept their Truth. You are basically claiming and accepting they know more about you, then you know about yourself. The exception would be, if you independently and jointly agree to a claim that you understand in Truth. Many give up too much of themselves to appease the outside world. It is an off key note threaded into your song.

Want and desire are a human collective concept, a limited and fleeting perceptive need of the Ego. To BE in GOD: is to BE in the moment, to understand the moment and to witness and accept the Truth within the moment. This is freedom at the highest level. This is the claim, “I AM”.

You are a traveler on the path to discovery, many will come and go along the way, each moment is unique and fluid unto itself. The resonance shaping the path and calling out to form the new.

To be “With GOD” is to resonate your signature (Your Song) in communion with yourself and with GOD. You are never alone…you cannot be, for that’s impossible. You are ALWAYS WITH GOD. Only your limited understanding or denial of the Truth can make you believe otherwise. GOD is All Things and you are part of GOD. Your golden notes weave into the Infinite Symphony, resonating your song and the Chorus of GOD harmonizes back to your unique signature, that you are One with All Things.

All things come to the claim you sing, consciously or unconsciously. The singular notes woven into the thread of your path. The harmonics calling out and bringing the transformation of your moment, your landscape, your experience to witness. Your song comes through GOD. To be “ Through GOD” is to understand your claim and witness beyond the limited claims of the human collective and your landscape. The Knowing, your claim, is unlimited and invokes the transformative qualities of All Things, know and unknown…You Believe, Therefore You Are.

GOD is in the “Knowing” of All Things. Through GOD, you can be in the ”Knowing” of yourself. This is the “NOW”, the Presence, the Witness and transformation of All Things, known and unknown. Only human beings believe in separation, to deny the Truth of All Things. You will not realize more than you believe, yet, through understanding and communion with GOD, you can transform your belief.

GOD does not give you what you want. GOD gives you what you need in the moment. When you tune yourself to the Infinite, instead of the finite, you will clearly understand the difference. When you know the Truth within yourself, you will know GOD.

Your Song, Your Moment, Your Claim, Your Discovery, Your Expression of You…

Your Song should BE in Knowing

Your Song should BE in Understanding

Your Song should BE in Acceptance

Your Song is an Expression of GOD

To BE or not to BE, that is your choice, your claim and your understanding.

Excerpt from “Movin’ Out “ — Steven Tyler

Level with God

And you’re in tune with the universe

Talk with yourself

And you’ll hear what you want to know

Got to rise above

Because below it’s only getting worse

Life in time

Will take you where you want to go



Dominic Crain

Mr. Crain believes that no two spiritual journeys are the same, they are as unique as you are. Each moment a special gift and a new discovery.