Dominic Crain
5 min readSep 7, 2022

September 6, 2022

Good Morning,

Cogito, ergo sum (I think, therefore I am) is not a truism. The true statement is, I believe, therefore I am (credo, ergo sum). Thinking cannot bring forth manifestation, however, belief without doubt will manifest without thought. Thinking is a human mechanism, believing is a spiritual mechanism and knowing is a GOD mechanism. To think, is to Be in human, to know is to Be in GOD. Belief is the journey in between.

Experience is the teacher of the lesson, yet, Witness is the decider of your Truth. Belief is your limit to the purview of the moment. Understanding is gained as you travel from the accepted known to the unknown. This is the climb up the mountain, the higher the climb, the greater the view. The greater the view, the wider your scope of understanding, the Truth of who you are.

The mountain is a metaphor for your journey of understanding who, what and why. Who you are, what you are and why you are here. You are an Eternal Being, a Divine Expression of the most High. You are a vibratory chord of infinite possibilities. The resonance you hold and maintain is the lens in which you view the landscape that you manifest. This is considered your Truth of your Being. It is unique to you and you alone.

Within your scope, within your purview is infinite connections of sound. You connect those strings of rhythm and produce your own chord. You can raise or lower your octave at will. This is the beauty of GOD. Your limit is your belief and the understanding of your belief. Everything that you witness, is your lesson. Everything within your moment is your claim. Your life is not about an understanding of GOD, GOD is Everything and ALL Things. GOD is the One Note of All notes…GOD is All moments within One Moment. Life is about the discovery and expression of the “I AM” in you. This is the power of the Word, the Symphony of Life.

You are a unique expression of Being. Communion with yourself is the answer. You must rise beyond the lower vibrations of self to grasp your Truth. If you think you are, then you are human. If you know you are, then you are Truth. This is a belief without doubt, for you, it cannot be contested nor debated. It just is…If you think like everyone, then you are like everyone. This is not right nor wrong, the question is, is it you? Do you know you? Are you sure? What makes you? The only way to be sure is to stop thinking and just Be. Be who you are in the moment. The form that you manifest is just a form. It is perfect for the lessons you wish to experience. You and GOD are endless, timeless and limitless, the cap is you…”I AM”, says you, “I AM” says GOD and the Song of the Infinite begins, You Are All Things…You Are, The One Song.

In any moment that you witness, pause to witness it fully. You can ask, “what is this purpose?”, “what have I come to learn?”. The moment is yours and Being in the moment is a great understanding of Truth. Thought (thinking) is a hinderance of the moment’s lesson. The past is gone and the future has yet to be manifested. So, what is there to think about?

Do unto others, as you would want others to Do unto you.

Be unto others, as you would want others to Be unto you.

Be unto yourself, as you sing into Being, your unique expression of the Truth.

You are capable of learning within many octaves. You can learn through the lower vibration of fear or you can choose a higher path and learn through the vibration of Love. The lesson is the lesson regardless of its field. It is and will always be your choice. Only your Ego, will choose to blame someone else. It enjoys the company of fear. Your True Self, understands the path taken and the eternal song that must be sung.

The Mountain, the mountain is about relationship and understanding. The mountain is about what octave you choose to hold and the purview of all that you witness. This is your understanding of your landscape. This is the place of your song. Metaphorically speaking, the higher you climb, the greater the view and understanding you have of the landscape you witness. At the base, lower vibrations, such as “Fear”, exist. This is their purview. You can climb to a position where fear cannot exist. Changing the perception of your landscape. Remember, the landscape doesn’t truly change as much as you do in the way it is beheld. Your song becomes lighter and your peripheral becomes greater. You start to perceive beyond the known, because what is known is along the base. On this ridge you see beyond the base and glimpse the expanse of what you have denied yourself. When you see others below, you can call out to them, knowing it is their choice to stay or to climb…“Their Divine Right to Be”. There’s not a wrong nor a right, it is an understanding of Truth, of expression, of witness and claim. Everyone is unique, everyone is exactly where they need to be, to witness the Truth within themselves. Don’t judge, for in judgment you are judge. In claiming, you are claimed and in fear you shall be called. The base of the mountain is a common landscape for those who live a myopic understanding of their limited greatness.

Sing to the mountain to claim the Most High. Call to the peak to reveal your Truth. It is in Truth, that you are free. Nosce te ipsum (Know Yourself) is the path that no-one knows, but you. You are a chord of the Word, The Song of Songs…Sing your song, Claim your song and Be your song. To Be or Not to Be, that is your choice for All Eternity. Denial is to Be human, Expression is to Be the Truth within yourself…the unlimited potential of the One Song.

I Have Come, I Am Here, I Am Known, I Claim my right to Be and Sing my Song of Truth.

You know who you are in Truth, You know what you are in Truth and You know how you serve in Truth.

You are Free, You are Free…You are Free



Dominic Crain

Mr. Crain believes that no two spiritual journeys are the same, they are as unique as you are. Each moment a special gift and a new discovery.