August 26, 2022

Good Morning,

I ascend in a belief without doubt. I witness, I sing, I rise. What you believe, you conceive. You are a Song of the Most High. This understanding is your purview. Belief in your Truth is essential to express your Truth. Once you believe without doubt, the vibration of manifestation is realized. You truly are what you believe. I sing, I sing, I sing, this is the song of deliverance. This is the song of glory…The song without sound. I hear the words without sound and now I sing the words without sound. I am Here, I am Here, I am Here. Transformation comes through witness. Creation comes through Love. Yet, you can rise even higher. You are the chord of one note, trying to achieve a basis of harmony. Your arrangement is not quite in sync for one note disagrees. You believe yourself to be singular, you are not…you are a chord and to be in accord you must understand this Truth and arrange the We into I. Do you understand this? To know your True Self, you must move beyond your form. The form is just one note of the chord. The field is just one note of the chord. The Ego is just one note of the chord…Harmony is accord in the chord. Witness of the Moment is the teacher. Communion with thy self is essential for understanding the Truth and finding the harmony of one. This is the discovery of you. You are here: to discover, to witness, to learn and to express yourself in Truth. You are a triumphal chord of the Most High. You sing your song and weave into the symphonic thread of the One Song called “The Word”.

Your form doesn’t perceive this, you must see with eyes that may see and hear with ears that may hear the Glory of All Things. Beauty beyond breath and freedom beyond life, lies within the One Song. I Have Come, I Have Come, I Have Come, is the acknowledgment of All Things. To Witness the Song in form, To Witness the Song in field, To Transform the doubt whispered by Ego is the Expression of Truth that supersedes the consciousness of the knowing and frees the understanding of the unknowing. The “I” of your chord, The “I AM” of your harmony and the unlimited potential of your True Self. Heed my words, freedom does not come from one note, freedom comes from the perfect arrangement of one chord, your chord. Freedom is harmony, harmony of self and the song that you sing. I am Known, I am Known, I am Known.

Your purview lies within the Truth you believe. This is your limit. Yours and yours alone, no one can change you, but you…do you truly understand this? To believe you are just form is to cage yourself within your landscape and claim one note of a chord. Yet, the landscape that you Witness moves beyond that, just look at the stars in the sky, hear the roar of the sea or feel the caress of the breeze. Take the moment and Witness the Truth. Listen and it will be heard, look and it will be seen. Believe it without doubt and it will be known.



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Dominic Crain

Mr. Crain believes that no two spiritual journeys are the same, they are as unique as you are. Each moment a special gift and a new discovery.