Dominic Crain
7 min readAug 23, 2022

August 23, 2022

Good Morning,

In this moment, I write in tongues, I hear the words without sound and understand that ALL Things are sound in form and field. I have made a previous statement that is my Truth, “GOD Is”. GOD is ALL Things, GOD is Witness to ALL Things, GOD is Infinite in GOD’s purview. GOD is Joy, GOD is Love, GOD is Peace, GOD is Pain, GOD is Sorrow, GOD is Life and GOD is death (Transformation). GOD is the Word and the Word is of GOD. If GOD is NOT ALL Things, then, GOD does not exist. Do you understand this…GOD is the source of ALL Things and ALL Things are of GOD. This includes the known and unknown. GOD is NOT Separate, but Is. The claim,”What you do unto others, you do unto me” is one of the many great Truths written. The “ME” is the “I AM”, the source of ALL Things. This is an understanding of Truth. What you do with the Truth is your choice, your claim. It is not for me to judge, but for me to sing…GOD is my breath, GOD is my Joy and I am Divine Expression of the Word. I claim Peace, I claim Love, I claim Joy. What do you claim?

To truly Love GOD is to Love ALL Things. If not, you are in denial and you deny GOD. Yes, it can be difficult to see GOD in ALL Things. That is part of the lesson. The greater the understanding, increases the scope of perception within your landscape and the greater the purview within the moment. You are infinite in possibilities, limited only by your belief.

What you claim, claims you and what you claim for another, calls out to you. So if you claim, “I am ugly”,then that vibration brings it into manifestation. If you claim “ I am alone”, then you will be alone. If you claim violence, then you will have violence, anger begets anger, Love begets Love… If you claim, “I Love GOD and ALL Things of GOD”, then ALL things will smile upon you.

The caveat, you must believe without question. Please understand this…You must believe the claim without question. That is why you must start small in your claims. This is so you witness the Truth. As you claim and realize (witness) the manifestation of the claim, you reinforce your belief and doubt becomes Truth. If every moment you claim, “I claim peace, I am peace, I sing peace”, then peace will be bestowed upon you. This is a Truth I have witnessed.

ALL Things are expressions of the Song of GOD (The Word). The first step is communion with yourself, the Devine Expression of GOD. Communion can take place anywhere, because GOD is everywhere. My personal place for communion is in the morning on the front porch with a cup of coffee. Yours, will be unique to you, it could be: strumming a guitar, taking a walk, yoga, singing, running, dancing, etc. It doesn’t matter where, how or when, the point is discovering the Truth within the song. Everything is vibration, a variation of the source. You perceive at the vibration you can hold. The vibration that you hold determines your purview within your landscape. For example, Love vibrates at a higher octave than fear, therefore if you sing in Love, you will not fear. Fear must leave or rise in vibration(which will transmute fear into Love). There are many aspects of our world that are fear based: war, greed, scarcity, insecurity, anger, jealousy, envy, etc. The vibration of Love can allow you to exist without their influence. You can rise in vibration, through communion. Communion is not a process, it is an understanding and surrendering to ALL Things around you. When you accept that GOD is ALL Things and you are part of ALL Things. Then what is known is Truth…I AM WORD.

I am the unlimited potential of Divine Expression. I am a song of the most high and when I sing, I sing to the Glory of ALL Things…I Am, You Are and GOD Is.

The one limitation you have, contains multiple threads. The main thread is belief. You are what you believe. This is a claim that you make consciously or unconsciously. It depends on the claim and the agreement within the claim. Remember this, what you claim, claims you and what you cast into denial, denies you. Making lower vibrational claims will bring you down to the octave of vibration within that claim. So, to hate someone is to lower yourself to a vibrational level of fear and be subject to the influences of that level.

A second thread is living in tenses, past and future tense are traps that can bind you. You are a Being of GOD and you are meant to Be. To Be is present tense. It is the Witness of the moment…Do you understand this? You cannot understand your path as fleeting. You cannot learn from the moment , if you are concerned with the past or preoccupied with the future. Neither exist in the Now. To Be is a momentary witness of Divine Expression. You know everything within the moment and in that understanding, you will perceive the Truth.

A third thread is the collective consciousness of the human species. It is the place of nomenclature, definition and expectation. This is your reference(treaties) to the manifested landscape you travel. It globally connects all of us to one agreement to what is perceived or expected to perceive within any moment upon the landscape call earth. It is constantly being updated so you can properly manifest your moment in form, field, space and time. This set of ideas thread and weave historical data, current data and newly conceived possible ideas that may be accepted and agreed upon in the collective. It is what you believe to know is true. The Truth is that ALL Things are in motion, ALL Things can be re-known as something new. The collective consciousness just gives you a global landscape to travel upon. It only holds truth if you agree to it as being true. You can see beyond the collective ideas that you embrace and understand it’s Truth. All Things are the ideas that you perceive within the purview of your understanding. The more you witness and discover beyond what is considered the norm of the collective, the greater your purview becomes. Everyone is unique in their understanding, so the best approach is communion with yourself and climb the steps outside the mundane manifested box. Do not discard what is experienced during communion, rather explored where the experience is taking you. GOD is ALL Things, so you must understand that you are part of ALL Things. GOD’s Song is eternal, so you are eternal. The discovery you claim is yours and unique to you, so pursue it. Remember, GOD is peace, GOD is love and GOD is joy. If you have an unpleasant experience, call upon GOD and claim your right of peace, love and joy. GOD is Always there with you and can never leave you…without GOD, you do not exist. Only you can deny GOD and claim separation which is untrue. You are a chord within the song of GOD. Multiple notes playing a harmony within the orchestral of the most high. You are unlimited potential only being capped by your understanding and belief of who you are. You cannot do, what you believe cannot be done…simple mathematics of vibrational accord…”I AM” or “I AM NOT”. The song you sing is yours, it calls to you your claim of discovery, witness, truth and expression…this is your right to BE. You can embrace it, deny it or give it away, your choice.

NOTE: To give away is to empower another and deny yourself. This will suppress your song and/or expression. Your purpose: to discover who you are, witness the moment to learn the Truth, express the definition of your uniqueness and sing your part of glory, to GOD. Singing is the unique vibratory signature of your BEing you.

A fourth thread, imprinting and social confirmation comes from your parents, your family, your friends. All reinforcing the ideologies and constraints imposed by the collective. This would be others telling you, who you are, what to do or how it must be done. In addition, imprinting can be carried forward from past experiences prior to birth. Just the recognition of the imposition can gain insight.

The only person that knows you is you. You can take council from others and their experiences. However, council should be a reference not an absolute. Everyone is uniquely different and no matter how similar an experience may be, it cannot be identical…the reason, there is only one of you. That is why you are a perfect, unique Divine expression of GOD. Human beings are not duplicated, cookie cutter people, living in a homogenized world. You witness, you define, you express, you change…your definition and expression is not permanent, yet the motion of change is upon this landscape.

In closing, you have the right to Be. You have the Divine right of expression. You are a Chord of unique notes played on an infinite scale. Each note that comprises your song is unique within itself and has its own agenda of what must be accomplished in the witnessed discoveries along your journey. The purest of your notes is your Divine self (true self). This is the focus of communion. The Divine self does not fear, does not want, does not need. It knows who it is, it knows what it is and it know how it serves ALL Things (GOD). The Divine self knows the known and unknown. It transcends all the lower notes within your chord. This is the unlimited you, the child of GOD, the Divine expression of the Most High.

Where do you start? If you are willing and have ears that can hear. If you are willing and have eyes that wish to see the Truth. If you are willing to surrender the belief, that you are defined by the collective, by individuals or the current landscape…Then, call to me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.

Remember, you must be willing…



Dominic Crain

Mr. Crain believes that no two spiritual journeys are the same, they are as unique as you are. Each moment a special gift and a new discovery.