Dominic Crain
3 min readSep 25, 2022



Good Morning,

You should never think of who you are, you should know who you are. Your life is part of a moment to learn and discover. Understand, the word “part”…a piece of the Whole. GOD is ALL Things and you are a part of ALL Things. You are special in ALL Ways, because you are unique within yourself. No One can take that from you…it can only be given. No One can define you, unless you compromise yourself and accept their belief. No One can Be you, because you are a unique song of GOD.

Absorb this statement: “When you can appreciate the song from a blade of grass, then you will be in GOD.

Today, people are rushing to get somewhere, that they think is so important to their life…in those fleeting moments, they are losing their life…for they lose the TRUTH within the noise. You cannot Be, if you are not in the moment. To know the moment is to know yourself. To know yourself is to Be in GOD.

To think, is to be in doubt, to know, is to Be in the moment. If you cannot hear the blade of grass, how can you possibly hear yourself? How can you Be, if you do not Know? Thinking is the limit of your expression, Knowing is the potential of the Moment you Witness, but you must Witness the Moment.

Every Single Individual on this planet is Unique. Every Single Individual on this planet is Part of the Whole. No One, is better than their neighbor, No One, is more worthy than another…Because everyone has their own Moment and Expression that is unique to them and them alone. Every person is perfect, because no-one can Be them. You can “think” you’re better, but you will never “Know” you’re better. Because in knowing, you understand the TRUTH and to “Know” is to Be in GOD. Your wheelhouse is your forte, it is perfectly designed to handle the lessons, the experience and the witness that are presented within the moment of your landscape. No one can Be you within your moment and to weigh yourself against another is folly. Because, there can never be an equal ground. Expression of GOD is the ultimate understanding of self…”to express the best me, I can Be”. This is the song to be sung.

GOD is All Things and You are part of All Things…So how can you be any less than someone else or how can you be more than someone else. The expression of GOD inside of you, makes you divinely unique and divinely connected. You cannot separate the piece from the parts, for it will not function correctly. When you truly know who you are, then you realize you need nothing else, because you are part of All Things. This is the Glory of GOD…to sing your song, for the Grace that has be given…Your Right to Be!

Your Claim:

I AM, exactly who and what I need to Be within this moment. Expressing my Divinity in a way that is unique to me.

At the moment of realization…at the moment of understanding, the noise fades and the Song is heard.

Your Understanding:

A blade of grass, is a blade of grass, no matter what the world claims. It is the Infinite Song of Its Expression.



Dominic Crain

Mr. Crain believes that no two spiritual journeys are the same, they are as unique as you are. Each moment a special gift and a new discovery.