Dominic Crain
4 min readAug 8, 2021

August 6, 2021

Good Morning

I just realized, I am not here to change other people, I am here to change myself. I am here to find the beauty within, to discover the Spirit of the Greater Consciousness that is not limited by the physical illusion and my human thinking. To raise my awareness to a place of Love, Forgiveness and Acceptance not just for myself, but for All Things. To reach deep inside and listen to the Knowing, the words without sound, the connection to All Things. This is my journey.

Can I live without judgement? For if I judge, I will be judged. However, if I forgive, then I will be forgiven. I have found that what I give is what I receive, this is the ripple of life, the pebble in the pond. To separate myself through religion, gender, color, race, choice, etc., is to separate myself from All Things. To peel away the communion that is naturally mine. When I open my eyes, I see the Truth and when I decide to truly listen, I understand the world is a myriad of expressions with one voice. I feel the threads of All Things woven into a single braid that is beautiful. I am just one voice of the One Word. I am one thought of the Collective Consciousness. One ripple of the Omnipotent Sea. A chela searching for the moment when my awareness unfolds the Truth. As I walk along my journey, I experience moments of discovery that unfold myself. This unpacking is exactly the way I need to express myself. The Universe is perfect, Spirit is perfect and perfection begets perfection. Any other thought produces a lessor understanding of the Whole and dumbs it down to my limited mundane thinking. This unfoldment is the process of Spirit. This is the understanding of the golden thread that weaves the great tapestry of the Divine Consciousness.

Acceptance is the key to freedom. Love is the power of All Things. Forgiveness is the path of Glory. Acceptance, Love and Forgiveness is the Trinity of Spirit. I have experienced glimpses of that Oneness as I begin to understand the Truth, then the Trinity naturally falls into place. Do not judge, for you will be judged. Do not hate, for you will be hated and do not deny, for you will be denied. For what you freely share will be freely given. The Love and Beauty of All Things is within All Things…this includes everything and everyone. The Universe doesn’t take sides…All sides are equal, only my thinking is divided, the lies I tell myself. This is my lessor self, my dance with Ego. This is the folly of ignorance fuel by arrogance, that I believe something is true without experience or true knowledge.

I do not need to save anyone…just accept everyone. Good, Bad or Indifferent, knowledge and understanding come with experience and/or witnessing the Truth. I cannot change people, people must change themselves. All things must change to grow. Along the timeline of the human experience, the only thing that is permanent is change. Anything that resists change eventually withers and fades to dust.

The greater your understanding of the Truth, the less intense the human experience. Inversely, the more a person clings to the mundane, the less opportunity they would have to experience the Truth inside themselves. This is the awareness of the bigger picture. The Universe does not create nor destroy, it transmutes. We are energy and follow the conservation of energy which states; energy cannot be created nor destroyed, but can be altered from one form to another. Therefore, what most would consider death is a shift in consciousness. My fifth or sixth out of body experience confirmed that statement. Standing beside my bed and watching my vessel sleeping is definitely a unique experience. It is synonymous with standing in front of a car prior to going somewhere. A empty shell without a driver.

The level of understanding the Spirit inside of yourself is defined by your thoughts, words and deeds outside of yourself. No one can hide the Truth of their belief. It eventually unfolds and is displayed. What you believe is how you perceive the human experience. This is part of the journey, what you believe as Truth is what you receive in earnest. These are my thoughts I share with you. I do not expect you to embrace nor reject what I have stated. Your takeaway is yours and yours alone. Your journey is yours and yours alone. Only you know the Truth inside yourself.

In closing, you have witnessed me speak without thought and act without consequence. You witnessed me run to the precipice, arms held high as the Knowing told me everything would be okay. This is the way of Spirit, this is the Flowing of the Knowing. This is the communion with All Things…the Truth within my journey.



Dominic Crain

Mr. Crain believes that no two spiritual journeys are the same, they are as unique as you are. Each moment a special gift and a new discovery.